Cheese & Onion Sandwich

Smoked Applewood cheddar, red Leicester, vine tomato, red onion, salad cream in granary 

Ingredients:                                                                           (Serves 1)

20g Applewood cheese grated

20g Red Leicester cheese grated

1 Medium tomato deseeded, diced

¼ Red onion diced small

Small knob of butter

2 – 3 Tbsp Salad cream

2 Slices thick sliced granary bread

Salt & pepper to taste 


1. Combine the cheese, onion, tomato with the salad cream, being careful to maintain the crunch of the tomato and onion.

2. Add salt & pepper to taste, adjust consistency of the sandwich filling mixture.

3. Spread the butter & on one side of both slices of bread. Place sandwich filling on one of the slices, add cress and season lightly

4. Place the remaining slice on top, cut the sandwich on the diagonal. Serve immediately.


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