Measurements & Conversion Charts

Here’s a useful conversion chart that will keep you from second guessing any amounts and quantities. Apart from the usual metric to imperial conversions, I have included conversions that our American friends use from across the pond as well. This is extremely useful information if you are costing out a menu or if you have a food service ‘formula’ recipe that lists ingredients by volume.

A few things to bear in mind… 

When following any recipe avoid mixing metric and imperial amounts when measuring your ingredients, it’s better to stick to one system or another.

All spoon measurements are level, unless specifies otherwise.

If using a fan oven reduce the oven temperature in a recipe by 20 degrees.

Q: When is a pint not a pint?

A: In British, Australian and often Canadian recipes you’ll see an imperial pint listed as 20 fluid ounces. American and some Canadian recipes use the American pint measurement, which is 16 fluid ounces.

Click on the chart below;

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