Bold Folklore, Rustic Traditions & Colourful Tastes

Mini review competition entry for Fluid London

Desi Tadka 148 Uxbridge Road Hayes Middlesex UB4 0JH

 ‘As soon as you walk in you will feel like you have stepped into the Punjab….’ Desi Tadka is an ‘Old Skool’ Punjabi restaurant, located on the Uxbridge Road in the heart of Southall which really does offer an authentic Punjabi dining experience.

The menu showcases the food culture and heritage of the Greater Punjab region spanning the vast territories of present day Pakistan and Northern Western India.

Traditional lantern lighting, rural artefacts and bhangra dancing has made this a firm favourite with the local community.

The ‘Afghani Murg’ (chicken cooked Afghan style) is excellent. Offal is something that is not often seen in South Asian food outlets, however the ‘Magaz Lamb’ or lamb brains is a popular special, as is the ‘Keema Kalegi Gurde Kapoore’ (A regional speciality dish of minced lamb cooked with liver, kidney and lamb breast -is a must try.

Seasonal specialities like ‘Makki di Roti (Punjabi corn bread) and ‘Saro da Saag’ (spinach with mustard leaves) feature on the menu too. The ‘Amritsari Machhi’ (regional fish speciality) was a masterful blend of spices that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Complete with achaars, parathas and lassi, this is Punjabi hospitality at its best. Laid back and informal yet ever so friendly and compassionate, this intimate family run eatery transcends the barriers of history, politics and cultural differences. Desi Tadka truly does offer the bold folklore, rustic traditions and colourful tastes, – from the lost Kingdom of Punjab.


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