Winning Hearts & Minds – 10 Ways Restaurants are using Social Media

This ability to make the emotional case and win peoples’ hearts is to some extent the hospitality industry’s strategic ace card because it can be deployed as an effective ‘call to action’ (CTA); i.e. an opportunity for each site to corral audiences in to, and ultimately ‘finish the job’ of winning them over once they have gained their initial attention.

However, winning ‘hearts’ is no longer enough. In the current climate of austerity and swinging cuts, the emotional firewalls are up. There is an additional battlefield to contend with and different ‘mind’s to win over – the logical, hedonic, rational and analytical ‘minds’ – requiring a communications approach that the hospitality sector is generally growing more and more comfortable with and has a distinguished track record of delivering successfully.

Winning ‘minds’ rests on the substance of any social media messaging, in particular the use of quirky and engaging digital marketing and on-line content using a variety of key social media platforms.

Digital Dining has created this info-graphic to help share some ideas on how some restaurants are using different social media platforms. You’ll see 10 different ways bars and/or restaurants use key platforms on social media landscape.

Restaurants using Social Media Infographic


  1. Social media has become an integral communication tool for bars and restaurants in this day and age. There’s so much one can do with it!


  2. Very informative Rick, social media has been a real game changer in the hospitality industry.


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