Halloumi stir-fry (vegetarian)

I love Halloumi- great little recipe!

The Swindian


Last year, I went vegetarian for a month, which resulted in quite a few creative recipes. So this year, I decided to do the same, and the first new dish I made was this delicious halloumi stir-fry.

I love halloumi, but normally I just fry up some slices and add it to salad. Last night, I made the pieces slightly bigger and really made it a meat substitute, and once everything was fried up, it felt like it was chicken (but… better?). I made sure the vegetable pieces were quite small in comparison, which is also nice for the aesthetic. I ate the stir-fry just on its own, but you could wrap it up in a tortilla (or lettuce, for a healthy option) with some sour cream, or even have it with rice.

IMG_5262 Delicious fried halloumi

Don’t be put off by the list of spices. It’s nothing out of…

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