Lisbon – A swine fest like no other!

To say that food is a big part of Portuguese life would be an understatement. A recent trip to Lisbon revealed a treasure trove of culinary delights, in particular their love affair with sausages.


We were fortunate to come across the Praça da Figueira market – a traditional food market showcasing local producers, regional products and artisans popping-up on the last weekend of each month in the heart of the capital.


With copious amounts of Sangria on offer, as well as a wide array of convent sweets, chocolates, breads and cheeses from various parts of Portugal, there was also a swine-fest like no other!

Suckling pig sandwiches, cured meats paired with some of the finest goat cheeses of Alentejo and Serra da Estrela, and of course…sausages.




Varieties included, chouriço, a sausage similar to Spain’s chorizo but with less fat, plenty of morcela (blood sausage), farinheira (sausage made with flour and red pepper paste), and alheira (a sausage made with bread and chicken or game).