12 Essential Soft Shell ‘Crab – Facts’ to keep you…Crabulated?!

2 Fingers Soft-Shell Crab Burger is the quintessential summer time sandwich. Whilst not being as heavy as a regular beef (or chicken) burger, the crab meat is light and succulent. A molting crab has much denser and sweeter flesh, than a crab with a hard-shell.

‘Shellfish without the shell’ – it’s perfect for seafood lovers, all the taste without the hassle; no need to pick this little, nipper apart! High in omega-3 fatty acids, believed to lower blood pressure, it is claimed to have aphrodisiac properties…apparently!? Sophisticated, for a burger…definitely!

Here are 12 soft shell ‘crab-facts’ to keep you…er…’Crabulated’ for now. (sorry!)

1) Softshell crabs are normal crabs which are caught immediately after molting their shell

2) There are over 4,500-odd species of crab which are superbly adapted for a multitude of habitats.

3) They live in tropical and sub-tropical lands and in every sea in the world​ except the Antarctic, though even that could soon change

4) The word crab in fact descends from those claws, coming ultimately from the Indo-European root “gerbh”, meaning to scratch or carve.

5) A useful tip if ever a crab pinches your finger is to tickle its belly. This supposedly makes it release its grip.

6) If a crab loses its claws it will die slowly of starvation, but if it loses one then, remarkably, it’ll grow another.

7) The best soft shell crabs are the blue crabs from the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada.

8) Female crabs tend to have more meat than males

9) Pregnant crabs or “berried hens” supposedly have the best flavour of all, (but the Marine Conservation Society says that pregnant females should never be caught)

10) Soft shell crab season usually starts in early April and runs through October or early November.

11) The crabs shed their old shell and when they exit that shell, they are soft for about 2 to 3 hours. Then their shell starts to turn hard again.

12) Soft shell crabs can be eaten whole, shell and et al.

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