Breakfast…A Relaxation Technique

Everyone loves to be able to lay about in bed without needing to worry about their every day stresses, and it’s especially wonderful when someone else is up and about with pots and pans!

Sometimes the most relaxing breakfast idea is just to spend it doing what you want to do, or letting your loved one be thrilled by the idea of being able to relax in bed for as long as they like.

Bring a steaming coffee, the morning paper and toast or biscotti for a perfect morning staying in. Nothing could be better than just letting your nearest and dearest take some time out, from the daily grind to rejuvenate.

For a bit of an extra romantic breakfast idea, add some finishing touches to whatever you choose to serve up.

Think freshly picked flowers from the garden, a yoga session a favourite magazine, a spa voucher or even a nice love letter.

There are plenty of ideas for romance to be found, so add a bit of something special and take your loved one’s breath away.

If you are not able to serve up breakfast in bed, make a little breakfast hamper, go out for a picnic – preferably by the water or a lovely park – and lap up the sunshine.

The only thing better than lolling about in bed is indulging is a breakfast that’s been prepared by someone else!

And of course, what could be a more romantic a breakfast idea than just spending it together?