Egg, Tomato & Cress Tartare Anchovy Bites

These no-fuss canapes are the perfect pre-dinner nibble that’ll get your gastronomic juices flowing. The egg tartare mix and bases can be prepared well in advance, leaving plenty of time to chillax.

For the base, we used super seeded granary bread, however feel free to improvise with whichever type of base you like. 


2 Slices Granary Bread

2 Free-range Eggs – hard-boiled

2 Tomatoes – diced, seeds removed

1 Sprig of Water Cress Leaves

2 Tbsp 2 Fingers Original Chunky Tartare Sauce

Salt & Ground Black Pepper – to season


Chives – finely chopped


1) Peel and dice the hard-boiled eggs. Add the diced tomato, water cress leaves and season with salt and pepper. Then combine this mixture with 2 Fingers Original Chunky Tartare Sauce. Set aside.

2) Using a small cookie-cutter, cut out circles from the bread, exclude the crusts. Toast lightly on each side.

3) To assemble, add about a teaspoon of the hard-boiled egg mixture to the toasted bread, and top with an anchovy. Garnish with some chopped chives and enjoy!